Welcome to S-'n-S Trains & American Flyer Retrofits

We have lots of used and refurbished AC Gilbert American Flyer parts

Diesel & steam armatures and field magnets, Diesel bearing straps, Diesel worm covers, Diesel wheels, freight wheel sets, trucks of many types, reverse units and drums, Lots of steam chassis with and without wheels, smoke chambers, pistons, etc. A box full of tender shells and some tender chassis. Lots of bargain and under the table stuff.

Below are some of the parts that are available

                Refurbished armatures

                     All armatures $20


        Pullmor era 1953-1957                                  5 digit era 1957-1966


       Pre-Pullmor era 1946-1953                   Large Diesel armature (Pullmor era) 


    All armature and field sets $25                  Complete 5 digit motor assembly $60


  2 style reverse units (Complete)   $20                      Reverse unit drums $10 


 Used Diesel brush assemblies (complete)                       Diesel field clamps

Excellent with lots of miles left $8 ea.                     Complete with screws $5 ea.

Original Diesel worm covers $1 ea.


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