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Below are pictures and descriptions of our Diesel can motor products

All Diesels except the Baldwin need to be done here

All Diesel modifications are reversible to original

Most Diesel trucks also need re-bushing (find under "services")

Below is the assembly used in ALCO (360 etc.) and GP (370 etc.) Diesels

All parts seen above are needed for each truck motor assembly

Installation includes new axles and worm gears

This is the drive shaft assembled and the gear started onto the motor

Here's the driveshaft fitted into the Diesel truck

Motor mounted and ready for installation onto the truck.

Single motor unit $97 for DC operation,  $137 for Dual motor DC

Single motor with Dallee #400 E-unit $137

Dual motor with Dallee #400 E-unit $180

Here is the Baldwin can motor modification

Comes with lead weight for badly needed traction

This is a "do it yourself" kit with simple instructions

Smoother and quieter than original motor

$60 for DC use, $99 with Dallee #400 E-unit for AC use






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