Welcome to S-'n-S Trains & American Flyer Retrofits

Track cleaning doesn't have to be a chore any more

Do it effortlessly while you run your trains! 

We can install the system in almost any S-Gauge car

Send us your car for the installation at a reduced price

Many, many happy buyers out there. Testimonials are available. 

Powered by a high speed motor that operates on AC  or DC. The rotating disk floats up and down over any irregularities in the track, preventing derailments or snags. Pad is Scotch-Brite held in place by Velcro. Easily changed when dirty. There are metal weights under the end canisters providing stability.

Here are three examples of our track cleaning cars  

Underside view.


 American Flyer gondola with the can motor and weights covered by canisters (canisters optional)

Price with our gondola $105, with your gondola $95

Below are decals available for the canisters $2 pair





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